Valentine’s Party

Image – Unsplash

Romance? Well, February can be a time for romance, particularly when you factor in Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14th. The word romance has a certain amount of appeal, whether on that day or later in springtime.

The idea of romance was also appealing in the 1800s. Writer’s like Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas employed the concept extensively. Romance is a central theme in The Prussian Lieutenant and our book launch event should prove to be lots of fun.

If you have a free hour, come check it out and join us this Sunday evening @7:00 pm (CST) There’s just one catch. The invite will go out through Mailchimp to my subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? No problem. Simply go to my website homepage and click on subscribe.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to get the exclusive Zoom link:

We’ll have readings, an interview, Q&A, and maybe even one or two contest draws! Bring your own chocolate …

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