Robert Stermscheg, born in Europe in 1956, was exposed to many wonderful writers – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, and of course Karl May. He appreciated how they opened up a whole new world to our imaginations through their portrayal of life. His parents were of Austrian descent, and as a result of his father’s occupation as an electrical engineer, he moved several times in his early childhood. His father kept a steady supply of books to broaden his son’s education, including a repertoire of Karl May books.

The entire family moved to Canada in 1967, eventually settling in Manitoba. Robert was involved in chess, hockey, flying, but always kept up his interest in the German language. His passion to share the works of Karl May, largely unknown in North America, resulted in the search for English translations. After retiring from a satisfying career with the Winnipeg Police Service in 2006, he had the opportunity to pursue his dream—translating one of Karl May’s novels into English. His wife, Toni, embraced his dream and encouraged him in the writing process. She supported him in this new venture by being a proof reader.

In 2006, Robert consulted with Nemsi Books, a publisher familiar with the works of Karl May.  After conducting more research, Robert engaged a dedicated editor and published his first book, The Prussian Lieutenant, based on an earlier work by Karl May. The first book was well received, encouraging him to continue with the sequel, The Marabout’s Secret. Robert pressed forward with Buried Secrets and Captain Richemonte.

One of Robert’s highlights was collaborating with his father, John Stermscheg, and publishing his memoir, POW #74324, detailing his experiences during WWII, including imprisonment in a German Stalag. Robert resides in Winnipeg and is currently working on his fifth book, The Hussar’s Return.

Aside from writing, Robert, and his wife, Toni, have been fortunate to be able to participate in two short-term mission trips to Uganda. It was a life-changing experience that brought them closer to God and to each other.

And now, just for fun. Here are some interesting, fun-filled tidbits about me.

  • I was born in the same city as my parents – but a different country. Huh!? True, but I’ll explain later.
  • I have only one sibling, a brother, one year younger. He’s very talented, an accomplished photographer. He’s got an expensive Nikon camera, but I use my iPhone.
  • like many writers, I love the feel and smell of a hardcover book.
  • My favourite movie? The Fugitive, with Harrison Ford. Why? I simply like the way the good guy gets caught up in a sinister plot and beats the odds.
  • My second favourite movie: The Count of Monte Cristo. Do you detect a pattern here?
  • I enjoy Christian music: Matt Redman, Michael w. Smith, Robin Mark. But I’m also partial to the old rock and roll, like Neil Diamond and Genesis, or U2.
  • So, where was I born? Maribor, Yugoslavia. My parents are of Austrian descent and were born in Marburg, Austria. After WWI, borders changed, and voila- it became Yugoslavia. True story.
  • I may be old school (I’m over 60), but I appreciate technology, especially gadgets like the IPhone.