Historical Fiction Series

The Hussar’s Love

Paris, France–1814. The French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, is defeated and faces banishment to Elba, while Prussian forces occupy the capital.

A Hussar officer, Lieutenant Hugo von Löwenklau, comes to the rescue of a young Parisian woman, Margot Richemonte. This simple act, while ingratiating Hugo into her family, pits him against her calculating and opportunistic stepbrother, Captain Albin Richemonte.

Margot’s stepbrother is determined to marry her off to the wealthy Baron de Reillac, all in an effort to extricate himself from his own mounting gambling debts. In the face of Margot’s blossoming romance with Hugo, the baron and the captain aren’t about to let the lieutenant whisk the lady away. Stopping at nothing to rid themselves of Löwenklau–even murder–they concoct a daring plot, ultimately exposing Hugo to Napoleon’s wrath.

Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the lieutenant finds himself in the fight of his life, while trying to keep Margot out of the villains’ clutches.

The marabout, Hajji Omanah, is dying. Known throughout the vast deserts of Africa as a hermit and devout follower of Islam, Omanah has been keeping a terrible secret, one that has been plaguing him for years. On his deathbed, he plans to reveal it… to his son.

What his son doesn’t realize is that he’s soon to be caught up in the middle of a vicious feud going back over a generation between two powerful European families. The embittered Albin Richemonte is determined to avenge himself on Hugo von Löwenklau and his entire household. Richemonte concocts a brilliant scheme to cheat the marabout’s son of his rightful inheritance, and by doing so rob the Löwenklau’s of theirs as well.

In the spring of 1870, France is preparing for an imminent war with Germany. A French cavalry officer, Bernard de Lemarch, has been given the delicate task of approaching a high-ranking Prussian officer, hoping to glean vital military information. But what he doesn’t know is that the Prussian High Command has been forewarned…. and is expecting him. Posing as a painter, the disguised officer meets up with a bungling landscape painter forming an unlikely friendship, one that unwittingly propels both men headfirst into unexpected danger, while resurrecting a secret from Lemarch’s own past. Richard von Löwenklau, a vanguard in France, is tasked with trying to stop the build-up of arms and uncover the establishment of a new para-military presence, the franctireurs.